Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Costly Day for Yanks Results in Victory

The Good

Despite heavy losses, the Yankees managed to score another victory in the fight against racism when they defeated the Indians and pulled off a series sweep. You might be thinking, "What? Chief Wahoo...

...How is that racist?"



The Bad

Prior to the game, CC Sabathia went on the DL with a groin injury. After the game, Pettitte was on the DL for at least six weeks. We now have to replace two of our best starting pitchers. Sabathia we can replace with a call-up if he's only out for the two games they are expecting. Pettitte on the other hand? He just got Jeff Karstensed. There may be no hope.

The Ugly

Man, doing those image searches is not good for the soul. We live in a #$%&@ up world. I'd like baseball to be a refuge from all that, but then you play the Indians. Isn't being reminded of Cleveland bad enough? Why, MLB? Why? I mean, I know you're America's pastime and all, but could you not work so hard to remind me of America's actual pastime? Thanks.

The European Central Bank Better Bail Us Out

What a surprise, more home runs and money to donate. Cano continues his mean-spirited attempt to destroy RJG. Way to be, Cano. Way to be. $2 more for the kids.

Raul Ibanez 11hr = $22
Nick Swisher 12hr = $24
Andruw Jones 7hr = $14
Derek Jeter 7hr = $14
Curtis Granderson 21hr = $42
Alex Rodriguez 13hr = $26
Robinson Cano 18hr = $36
Mark Teixeira 12hr = $24
Eric Chavez 5hr = $10
Russell Martin 8hr = $16
Jayson Nix 2hr = $4
Dewayne Wise 1hr = $2

Total 117hr = $234


Rich Mahogany said...

Native American team names, of which there are many (Indians, Braves, Blackhawks, Seminoles, and even an epithet - Redskins), and their associated symbols, mascots and plain stupid crap like the Tomahawk Chop are some of the ugliest aspects of American sports. I doubt there would be much interest in calling a team the Coolies or the African-Americans.

Rich Mahogany said...

However, when it comes down to it, I am much more saddened by the plight of Andy Pettitte. I trust RJG will ensure he gets the appropriate substances to speed his recovery.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Don't worry about Pettitte, with what we're giving him, he'll be back in a week.

Steve said...

be carful of this arguement. When ever our law makers push through new regulations they all ways go to far. Yes, most of us can agree on names like redskins and symbols like Cheif Wahoo but would the Yankees need to go back to being the Highlanders because the word Yankee might offend southerners? Atheist would argue against the Padres, Saints and Angels. PETA is out to stop, The Bears, Lions, Tigers, Cubs and Dolphins. The biggest fight you would get would be from the Irish.Don't even think about changing Notre Dames nickname. Not only do we love the term, Fighting Irish, most of us would not be offended if it was changed to Drunken Fighting Irish.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

In fairness, southerners call us Yankees, so really we should be offended. And I think the issue is not whether offense is possible (though I think the idea that someone can take offense to anything is a reductio ad absurdum that largely misses the point) but whether obviously dehumanizing characterizations of groups historically wronged on the basis of those very dehumanizations should be preserved. I think that is a big difference between all of the examples cited (except the Irish, which I will accept your authority that we're not allowed to change).

Rich Mahogany said...

Steve, you forgot that people with skin cancer will protest the Rays, and people who enjoy baseball will protest the Mets.

The Reds are ok.

I was going to assume that "Fightin' Irish" came about to celebrate Notre Dame's Irish heritage, but I looked it up and found that no one really knows where the name comes from.

Fernando Alejandro said...

The Reds are okay...for communists!