Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Win on Father's Day Eve

The Good

It felt like 14 hours. Gains were incremental at best, coming slowly and arduously. The sun refused to set, as though mocking those below, making one work harder, breath with greater difficulty. Burning, not enlightenment. There was no strength left. No energy. Only a fighting spirit. A will to go on living. To reunite with loved ones. To get back to simpler, happier times. Then Mark Teixeira finally reached third base on the throw home, and the 14 hour ordeal that is a Mark Teixeira double finally, thankfully, came to an end.

The Bad

The Yankees did not hit a home run in yesterday's win. This unlikely event has prompted Congress to threaten an investigation into the game in order to protect the integrity of our national pastime.

The Ugly

After the game, Curtis Granderson was reflective after his 0-4 performance, even though he drew 3 walks.

"You know how President Obama just said he's going to stop deporting people who were raised here, got educated, and never did anything wrong and then Republicans said that would create unfair competition for jobs? Okay, so like, how come competition is okay for pretty much everything unless it's competition with immigrants? I mean, is that conservatism, because it sounds a lot like white supremacy."

Asked what that had to do with baseball, Granderson answered, "I just want to know whether, if I'm worried that an immigrant is going to take my job if I keep having O-fers, I'm a white supremacist. There's a lot of immigrants in baseball, but I ain't trying to be a white supremacist."

Not So Tough without Your Medicine

That seems to be the message the Yankees sent to the kids when they refused to hit any home runs. For shame.

Raul Ibanez 10hr = $20
Nick Swisher 10hr = $20
Andruw Jones 6hr = $12
Derek Jeter 6hr = $12
Curtis Granderson 20hr = $40
Alex Rodriguez 10hr = $20
Robinson Cano 11hr = $22
Mark Teixeira 11hr = $22
Eric Chavez 3hr = $6
Russell Martin 8hr = $16
Jayson Nix 2hr = $4

Total 97hr = $194

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