Thursday, February 21, 2013

Cuba and South Korea Exhibition Game Cancelled

Cuba and South Korea were scheduled to play a friendly exhibition game in preparation for the upcoming World Baseball Classic, but the game was cancelled when the two national teams could not agree, which ball to use.  According to sources, at least 3 balls were proposed including a "mysterious" ball that the Cubans suggested.  After the baseballs were proposed and declined, the two sides decided to cancel the exhibition altogether.  Our RJG investigative team was able to get down to the bottom of the issue.

"The first ball that was proposed was American made."  Explained a member of the South Korean national team, who preferred to remain anonymous.  "But on closer examination, it was actually a tennis ball painted white with red seams drawn on by hand.  We declined that first ball, and the Cubans proposed another ball, it seemed okay, but when we looked closer we realized it was stuffed with communist propaganda leaflets.  They were hoping that when they hit a homerun, it would shower communist literature on the fans.  It was clever, but we declined.  Lastly, they presented a mysterious ball.  It was a baseball, and it seemed to check out, but when we looked up, it was A-Rod presenting it to us.  He was in a full Team Cuba uniform.  It was so mysterious.  We just decided to cancel the game."

So there you have it.  The first A-Rod sighting comes at the cancelled Cuba and South Korea game where he was likely rehabbing his recently operated hip.

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