Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It's Time for A-Rod to Come to Spring Training

Spring training started this past week, and the one thing that has stood out is just how boring its been.  Every day I wait by my computer, hitting the refresh button, waiting for something relevant to be reported, but instead all I hear is that Derek Jeter's ankle appears fine, Cano's not worried about his contract, Youkilis has taken batting practice, and I can't help but lose interest.  So for the sake of a more exciting spring training, I think its time A-Rod make an appearance.  What better way to shake things up then to bring the A-Rod circus to town?  What options do we have?  A couple more months of mundance spring training notes?  Daily updates on which 3rd string catcher is in the lead to take the catching job?  Regular speculation about which left handed reliever the Yankees will take with them?  More minor league signings?  No thanks.  Give me A-Rod and all that he brings.  It may make the next two months before real baseball begins pass a little bit quicker.

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