Friday, February 1, 2013

Hafner Signed, Canzler DFA'd

The Yankees have officially signed Travis Hafner, to fill the void of DH left by Ibanez.  The Hafner signing reminded me how good Ibanez was, and how the Yankees decided to be out bid by the Mariners for his services.  Ibanez was easily our most clutch hitter last year.  He was one of the few who looked he wanted to get to the world series in October.  But anyways, we have signed Hafner, and with every new member we add to our family, a member has to be let go.  Let Respect Jeter's Gangster be the first to give a heart-felt good bye to utility man Russ Canzler.  Although we just claimed you off waivers 3 weeks ago, and you have never played a game for the Yankees, we will miss you.  It's too bad your Cleveland teammate had to get signed and knock you off the roster.  But don't be discouraged Russ.  Even though you've already been DFA'd four times this off season, twice by Cleveland, and have bounced between Cleveland, Toronto, back to Cleveland, and New York without making a single trip, you will be better off in the end.  Afterall, you will get to miss the drama that will be A-Rod's newest PED allegation, and you'll likely be picked up by another team soon enough.  Here's hoping its not Cleveland again.

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