Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Spring Training is Upon Us

Do you feel that in the air?  Yes, it's the cautious optimism of spring training.  This year may call for a little more caution than others, but right now it's just great to see the pre-season starting.  If you haven't seen it already, the Journal News put out a really interesting article about former 1st round draft pick Eric Duncan.  There are also some additional notes about the article on their blog.  The article gives good insight into how the road to the majors can be a challenging one.  As we begin spring training with a ton of minor leaguers hoping for a shot at the big leagues, its a sober reminder that some will give their lives to this game, and never make it to the show.  Its a real gift and honor to make it to the big leagues, which is why PED use in the game is so infuriating.  It's especially infuriating when players who already have big league talent take it to be even better, the Barry Bonds, A-Rods, and Clemens of the world.  Whatever comes from the recent PED scandal will continue to define the players of this era, but for now, its kind of refreshing to read about a former prospect, who worked his tail off, and though he did not make it to the majors, he has no regrets.  Here's to all the minor leaguers in spring training who are clean, and are not taking their opportunities for granted.

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