Monday, April 8, 2013

A Weekend with the Tigers

The Good

Let's be honest.  There is plenty we could complain about with the 2013 Yankees.  They're old, they're aging, and they continue to sign the grandfathers of the players we would actually like to have on our team.  But despite the slow start, and the various injuries there actually are some good signs. 

The Yankee offense came alive on Sunday to top the Tigers 7-0 and avoid the sweep in Comerica.  The offense over the weekend came mostly from our new players.  Youkilis, Wells, Hafner, and Overbay have been our run producers, and are getting the hits we need.  Add to that the contributions of Francisco Cervelli, who has been clutch thus far, and the efforts of country singer Jayson Nix, and we have some things to look forward to.

Also on the positive, Sabathia shut out the Tigers on Sunday.

The Bad

For every Sabathia, we have a Hughes.  For every Pettitte we have a Nova.  And for every Kuroda, we have a finger injury.  Therein lies a large problem with this team.

The Ugly

Is it me, or is our bullpen really struggling this year?  David Robertson hasn't given up a run, and Adam Warren threw an amazing game against the Red Sox as a long man, but beyond them, Yankee releivers have given up 16 runs in only 14.2 innings.  This may have contributed to our 2-4 start.

What About the Children on the DL?

We care about them too.  Which is why we are contributing $2 each for homeruns this weekend by Vernon Wells, and Jayson Nix.  That's $4 for those counting at home.

Travis Hafner 1hr = $2
Vernon Wells 2hr = $4
Brett Gardner 1hr = $2
Kevin Youkilis 1hr = $2
Jayson Nix 1hr = $2

Total 6 hrs = $12

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Anonymous said...

I like Jayson. He did much better than other players last year when we needed it most.