Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's Not As Bad As It Looks

The Good

The one big good is that Adam Warren stepped up in relief and gave the Yankees 5.1 innings while allowing 1 run.  Also, Hafner and Wells hit some homeruns, so at least the children won't have to suffer!  That Shawn Kelley guy pitched another scoreless inning.  That's 2 scoreless innings this year for him!  Totally awesome!

The Bad

We're not hitting so great.  Gardner, Ichiro and Cano, who are at the top of the lineup combined for 0 hits yesterday.  The rest of the team did okay, but it's hard to get things going when your lead off guy goes 0-5, and your 3-guy goes 0-4.

The Ugly

Kuroda came out of the game in the 2nd inning after Shane Victorino hit a ball that struck him in his hand.  Yankee pitching gave up 7 runs, and worse of all, did not provide an opportunity for Mariano Rivera to pitch in his final year before retiring.  Should we panic?  No, the truth is, we're going to win some games, we may even be competitive, but at the end of the day, the season is long, and so much can happen between now and the end.  So let's just sit back, and wait for some of our injured players to come back, and remember that it is April baseball, and it's too cold for the AARP demographic of players that compose the Yankee lineup.

The Children Do Not Go Away Empty Handed

A 3-4 night from Wells resulted in a homerun, and Travis Hafner also contributed a homerun of his own.  These 2 homeruns mean that $4 will go to the Children's Health Fund, and a child can now afford a travel size bottle of children's dymetapp. 

Hafner 1hr = $2
Wells 1hr = $2

Total 2 hrs = $4

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