Saturday, April 6, 2013

Yanks Drop Opener Against Detroit

The Good

Ivan Nova got his work in, throwing 96 pitches in this outing. He should be fully stretched out now, ready for the opener next week. It's next week right? This isn't how we're going to play regular season baseball, is it?

The Bad

There seems to be an error on the schedule page. It indicates that the regular season started April 1st, which can't possibly be the case. Can it?

The Ugly

Kevin Youkilis hit a home run. Kevin Youkilis?! I can't even hate Kevin Youkilis during this stretch?! #$&@ you New York Yankees!

A Glimpse of the Past

Remember when we used to win games and hit home runs and be the Bronx Bombers? That was nice. Every now and again we're reminded of those days, like when Kevin Youkilis hit a home run and gave us a lead for about 30 seconds.

Travis Hafner 1hr = $2
Vernon Wells 1hr = $2
Brett Gardner 1hr = $2
Kevin Youkilis 1hr = $2

Total 4 hrs = $8

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