Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Recapping the Weekend...We Haven't Forgotten

The Good

RJG is back!  We apologize for our absence. It's just that sometimes we need extra time to contemplate before we come up with our award winning materials.  Check out these Nobel worthy observations:

-Gardner crushed another homerun.  PED's?  One can only hope so.
-Sabathia pitched 8 innings with 1 earned run, striking out 9.  Kuroda pitched 9 shutout innings.  Could it be our pitching is stepping up?  (See the Ugly)
-We beat the Diamondbacks, and Mariano got the save with Nova getting the win.  This could be evidence that Nova really is a big league pitcher, assuming of course he pitches in the National League.

The Bad

Ben Francisco's .000 batting average stands out.

The Ugly

Phil Hughes' walk year continues on its poor start with a 3 inning 5 run effort.  David Phelps stepped in with 4 scoreless innings, but it makes you wonder just how much more of Phil Hughes the Yankees can take.

Homeruns Give Meaning To Our Existence

And we thank the Yankees for them.  Hafner, Wells, Cano and Gardner have all hit homeruns in the last 4 games that we are now recapping.  Don't you feel like you just relived them?

Travis Hafner 3hr = $6
Vernon Wells 3hr = $6
Brett Gardner 2hr = $4
Kevin Youkilis 2hr = $4
Jayson Nix 1hr = $2
Robinson Cano 4hr = $8
Ichiro Suzuki 1hr = $2
Lyle Overbay 1hr = $2
Brennan Boesch 1hr = $2

Total 18 hrs = $36

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