Friday, April 5, 2013

The Stopper

The Good

Andy Pettitte once again played his role as the stopper, ending what can only be described as school yard bullying by the Red Sox in this series. 

"Pettitte finds ways of motivating us."  Explained Brett Gardner.  "Yesterday, before my at bat, he pulled me aside, and said 'Hit a homerun'.  I said, 'I don't hit homeruns, I'm fast!'  But Andy in his calm, unassuming way, told me that if I don't hit a homerun, I wouldn't have legs to run on anymore.  I listened."

Eduardo Nunez shared a similar experience.

"There was a ball hit at me, but it was high.  I jumped, but I knew it was over my head.  But in midjump, I saw Andy glaring at me.  That glare extended my jump an extra 10 inches, which allowed me to make the catch.  It was scary, but we won."

The Bad

Guys like Suzuki and Cano have experienced cold bat syndrome all series, while guys like Overbay and Cervelli have been driving in runs?

The Ugly

Gardner was thrown out at second twice in yesterdays game, the first time while trying to steal, and the second time while trying to extend a single into a double.  I appreciate him being aggressive, but eventually that speed needs to produce results.

Failed on Speed, Succeeded on Power

Gardner's baserunning blunders aside, he did hit the Yankees only homerun of the game, providing $2 for the Children's Health Fund.

Travis Hafner 1hr = $2
Vernon Wells 1hr = $2
Brett Gardner 1hr = $2

Total 3 hrs = $6

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