Monday, June 16, 2008

Back from the Motherland...Onto Baseball

I just returned from my trip to Lagos, Nigeria which was quite the life experience. I did a lot of medical work which included deworming children and doing diabetes screening for adults. Nothing too complex, but it means a lot to the communities we served.

In my absence, my brother covered the game reviews which I was able to read every now and again and I loved. I thought they were very comical, and I hope he'll write more in the future. For now you'll have to put up with my posts, and on that note let's talk baseball...

Will Someone Please Update Me?

Upon my return I was surprised to find Ensberg and Duncan missing from the roster. What happened there? Also, what's going on with Kennedy and Hughes? Any updates there? I also saw that Patterson made an appearance and then got sent down right away. He may be the new Chris Britton. Giese has been amazing though.

Observations from Afar

The Tampa Bay Rays got into an epic brawl with the Red Sox, and had a bunch of their players suspended, quickly putting them at the top of the league in suspensions. The Yankees need a similar brawl, but I think they should do it with a National League team. Maybe the Pirates, if only because they suck. I'd love them to go at it with the Mets. It may cause a riot in the city, but how isn't it worth it? I just envision Derek Jeter choking out Pedro Martinez. Its a great vision, and I hope to share it with all of you.

Unprovoked violence aside, I'm glad to see that the Yankees are starting to pull things together. Its sad that its taken a trip through the National League to finally be 4 games above .500 but it may just be the boost they need. Rasner has not been getting good run support, so if that changes, we may see this team go on a solid run. The rotation has been strong lately, though without Wang, it could be a tough few weeks. Let's just hope he's back soon enough.

The Draft

I didn't really read much on the players we drafted, but I was happy that they picked up Pat Venditte. That's the ambidextrous pitcher from Creighton. The Yankees drafted him last year, but he had already made up his mind to return to school. The Yankees hoped they could pursued him with a good contract, but it didn't take. The Yankees however got him this year, and I'm very interested to see what he has. Hopefully, its not just a circus act, and I trust the Yankees scouting department enough to believe it isn't. However, they have been wrong before (i.e. Kei Igawa, Deron Peter).

Carl Pavano Still Injured

In the time it took for me to write this post, Carl Pavano earned $5,000.00.

Interviews and Beyond

I don't know how many people out there got to read it, but we did an interview with Marty Appel, the former PR guy for the Yankees. I hoped to get more feedback about it, and this new one we have with Mark, so please, leave your comments! I hope to continue having the great discussions we've had in the comments section with the regulars here.

Well, that's my mind dump. Hope people are doing well, and I hope to hear from yall. Keep it gangster.


Anonymous said...

Britton, incidentally, is on the DL. They claim he injured a rib during warmups, but I question the validity of that injury. I think Girardi misheard, and what Britton was actually doing was warming up some ribs.

Fernando Alejandro said...

That's a safe assumption, if only because the Yankees have been claiming some suspect injuries of late. I think we need to figure out what Britton did to Cashman to keep him in the dog house this long. We may need to send an investigative reporter on this one.