Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Pettitte Back to Normal

The Good

Pettitte pitched 8 innings and gave up only one run. A strategy almost as effective as giving up ten. At least he got the victory this time. Matsui also hit a grand slam, finally showing some of that power we've been expecting since he came over from Japan where he used to hit a million home runs a year or something.

The Bad

We left 10 runners on base, so really the score should've been 14-1 Yanks. The RBI drought is unacceptable, and if the Yankees don't start playing better I'm going to return my season ticket brochure, which isn't quite as much of a statement as returning actual season tickets, but I don't have any of those.

The Ugly

A clearly over the hill Mariano Rivera gave up a walk today. With a bloated ERA of 0.87, all those years of 0.00 ERAs are behind him. Mariano routinely requires more than three pitches to close out the ninth inning, a bad portent for this Yankee hero. It's strange when our heroes become human. I don't know about you, but I can't stop crying.

The Reason Everyone Loves Our Blog the Most

The "Respect Jeter's Gangster" blog joined Johnny Damon's home run club, which raises money for the Children's Health Fund. We are pledged to donate $1.00 for every homerun the Yankees hit this season. We will keep a running tally of the home runs hit and the money donated throughout the season. Matsui hit a grand slam in the sixth today, accounting for all the Yankee runs. If you ask me, that's selfish.

Melky Cabrera 7hr = $7.00
Alex Rodriguez 10hr = $10.00
Hideki Matsui 7 hr = $7.00
Bobby Abreu 8hr = $8.00
Jorge Posada 2hr = $2.00
Jason Giambi 15hr = $15.00
Johnny Damon 6hr = $6.00
Morgan Ensberg 1hr = $1.00
Robinson Cano 4hr = $4.00
Chad Moeller 1hr = $1.00
Wilson Betemit 3hr = $3.00
Derek Jeter 3hr = $3.00
Shelley Duncan 1hr = $1.00
Total = $68.00

If you are interested in Johnny Damon's Homerun Club or the Children's Health Fund you can find links to both at the top right hand corner of our page.


Derek said...

I actually think sending back the brochure is FAR more insulting and hilarious than giving back the tix. They can always sell the tix again and call you a moron.

Roberto Alejandro said...

that's very true. score one for RJG!