Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Griffey Hits Number 600

Ken Griffey Jr. hit his 600th home run yesterday. You can't help but think that if Griffey hadn't lost so many seasons to injuries that we'd be celebrating his 700th around now and Bonds' pursuit of the all-time record would've been blase since we'd all be going, so what Griffey's going to smash that record. A-Rod still has a great chance to take the all-time record, assuming he stays healthy and that he doesn't succumb to all the pressure around him to become a singles hitter. But congrats to Ken Griffey Jr., an incredibly classy guy and perhaps one of the sweetest swings we will ever see.


raven said...

Let's pray Alex won't hurt himself trying too hard to catch a foul territory pop-up but stumbles and falls on his handsome face.

Roberto Alejandro said...

don't ever joke about something happening to Alex's face. Ever!

Raven said...

Let's pray Alex will always keep that big happy smile on his extremely handsome face everytime he gets struck out gallantly on three pitches.
Am I dreaming or is that Jim Thome's footsteps coming fast from behind?