Friday, June 27, 2008

RainOuts Sucks

Yesterday was a bit upsetting as the Yankees got rained out after taking a 3-1 lead. Moose labored in the first inning, but was getting outs after that. What upsets me is that Moose would have been on track to get his 11th win, and I'm really pulling for him to reach 20 this season. Having 11 before July rolled around would have been nice for him.

The first 4 batters yesterday hit 3 doubles and a triple. That was a nice pace for them. Today we're having our day/night double header against the Mets. It will be Giese and Ponson, and I'm really hoping we can at least split these first two games. We could probably take them both, but the Yankee offense has an infuriating habit of not showing up for some games. We're facing Mike Pelfrey and an old Pedro Martinez. We should be able to score some runs.

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raven said...

The Mets scored 15 runs.
The Yankees scored 15 runs.
Nice to see US baseball clubs pay tribute to Jamie Oliver, UK's Top Naked Chef and owner of Fifteen.