Monday, January 11, 2010

Notes Around the Majors

It looks like everyone's favorite bachelor shortstop is ready to settle down. That's right Derek Jeter is allegedly set up to marry actress Minka Kelly. Its a strong move I beleive, seeing as Derek seemed to have a rebirth last season, playing up to his normal standards of greatness, while staving off the effects of age. However, this will be devastating to A-Rod, who recently became single to be more like Jeter.

Cuban phenom Aroldis Chapman has been signed by the Reds for 5 years and $25 million. Chapman is left handed and is projected to be a strikeout type pitcher. If this sounds familiar its because the Yankees also signed a lefty strikeout pitcher from the international market for 5 years and $20 million a few years back. His name is Kei Igawa. However, where the Reds have us beat is that they did not have to pay a posting fee for dozens of millions just to negotiate with him.

The Pirates are reportedly close to signing outfielder Ryan Church. Church played for the Mets last season before he was traded to the Braves. Church is a decent player who had a bad run with the Mets. Among his mishaps was a game where he scored the tieing run, but upon appeal it turned out he never touched third base, and was called out.

Lastly, if you noticed a decrease in my presence on the blog, its because I bought a house (aka RJG American Headquarters), and have been working tirelessly to put it in order. Once I have moved in, and settled down, I will be back to posting regularly. If you've noticed a decrease in the quality of my posts, its because I've been inhaling paint fumes from only the finest lead based paint available on the underground paint market. I do apologize.


Anonymous said...

I am SO pleased about the way the Aroldis Chapman thing turned out. I saw it going one of two ways.
a. Yankees sign him; Kei Igawa Part 2.
b. Red Sox, Jays, or Angels sign him; he emerges as an ace out of spring training and kills us five times a year.

And Church scored (or didn't score) what would have been the go-ahead run in maybe the worst-played inning in major league history:
Any time any manager has made the infield move in, it seems to fail BADLY (the 2001 WS Game 7 comes to mind........).

Anonymous said...

Also, Mark McGwire did steroids!!! I had no idea!!!!

Fernando Alejandro said...

Yeah I caught the McGwire thing late. We'll have to interview Mark for tomorrows post.

And yeah, I didn't remember if it was the go ahead or tieing, I just knew that it was bad.

I'm also glad Chapman went to the Reds, but I'm more glad that the Yankees were largely disinterested. I think that's a good sign of the times.

Anonymous said...