Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Spring Preview: Secondbase

Robinson Cano

2009 Stats: .320/25/85/5

Robinson Cano had one of his best seasons last year bringing his average up from his 2008 debacle, and hitting a career high in homeruns. The main issue with him was how terrible he did when runners were in scoring position. He would seemingly swing at garbage and ground out every time. And to prove it wasn't just perception, his average with RISP was .207. For comparison, when bases were empty his average was .376. He's a very talented hitter, and how he grows in this area will determine whether he will be seen as an elite hitter or just another really good hitter.

2010 Predictions

Facing the loss of his best friend Melky Cabrera, Cano will find an unlikely friend in pitcher Chad Gaudin. Chad teaches him how to hit with runners in scoring position, while Cano teaches Chad how to pitch against lefties. The two improve each other so much that Cano wins a batting title, and Chad gets a Cy Young vote...from Cano.

Little Known Cano Fact

Cano once high fived a bear and lived to talk about it.


Fred Trigger said...

Thats crazy. So, hes Ichiro with the bases empty, and Brad Ausmus with RISP. Interesting.

Rich Mahogany said...

Your Cano/Gaudin prediction made me get a little misty. Touching, poignant stuff.

Also, sorry to nitpick, but why do you write "first base", "second base", etc. as one word? Did Bronny tell you this is what the hip kids are doing? Because I would not believe everything you hear from him.

cheshirecat said...

But will Cano learn how to love again?

Fernando Alejandro said...

Actually Rich, when I was a tender young lad, I attended a school which had a computer without a spacebar. I spent years of my life writing sentences like this: himynameisfernandoalejandroholler! So as you can see, I'm still trying to break out of the habit of not using the spacebar. Its why we need to invest in our childrens education. I'm Fernando Alejandro, and I approve this message.

Cheshirecat, whether he'll learn to love again will be determined in game 5 of the 2010 world series. Tune in to find out.

Fernando Alejandro said...

And Trig! Yeah, those splits suck.

Anonymous said...

But he smiles a lot, chews gum, and is a lazy Dominican so he sucks!!!! /a lot of Yankee fans'd

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Yeah, it's funny listening to Yankees fans call up WFAN and argue that Cano shouldn't be smiling. Francesa actually has to defend Cano's right to smile.

The laziness thing is what upsets me the most. Part of that critique is racial, but it's also that Cano is so freakishly big at second, with such an unusually strong arm, he does make a lot of plays look like he's barely trying. He should consider a hollywood make-up artist to apply sweat after each play. Then, when no one is looking he should just grab clumps of dirt and rub it all over his uniform.

Then, he should take his shoes off and then kneel on them so he looks shorter, and then he'll get a lot more credit for his effort.

Anonymous said...

Yup, I totally agree with everything you said (other than that I refuse to listen to WFAN because the few times I do, after I turn it off I want to cry a whole lot). You forgot that Cano needs to randomly dive for a ball hit absolutely nowhere near him and then people will call him "gritty" and "gutty" and "almost as good as Dustin Pedroia"

Anonymous said...

Robby can be happy that George Steinbrenner is old and crippled. Who was it (Dave Winfield, I think) that George called "The most ineffective .320 hitter in baseball" in the press?
Of course, there's a whole, whole lot of people that are real happy they don't have to face The Boss in his prime.
Cano's big task now is to get his emotions under control, and that should come with age.
But, when I get depressed, I can bring up in my mind the picture of him laying on his back in short right field, throwing a ball off his foot and then I smile again.