Saturday, January 30, 2010

Spring Preview: Catcher

Jorge Posada

2009 Stats: .285/22/82/1

Going into 2009, there were many questions surrounding Jorge Posada. How would he come back from shoulder surgery? How would he wear his hair? Would he kill AJ Burnett before the season was over? The answer to all of the above was, no. Posada had another strong offensive year for the Yankees, continuing to be one of their most valuable players. His batting average was 31 points higher than the league average for catchers. But his most important stat? 1. His total number of stolen bases. With that kind of speed, it will be easier for the Yankees to digest having the lethargic Nick Swisher in the number two hole. Posada has often been referred to as the soul of the Yankees, but the truth is he plays catcher. He has long been one of the 'enforcers' in the clubhouse. The Sonny to Jeter's Michael. Or maybe he's Clemenza. Either way, he's gangster, and the Yankees will need him to continue to play at the level he has if they are to continue their success.

2010 Prediction:

After a mysterious black eye appears on RHP AJ Burnett, and one of Hank Steinbrenner's horses goes missing, Posada becomes AJ's regular catcher. Posada then goes on to have another above average offensive year for a catcher. Half way through the season, a struggling Joe Mauer calls Posada for advice. Posada responds, "Try not being so tall, freak." Mauer weeps.

Little Known Posada Fact

Jorge Posada has super-human will power. How else do you explain his ever leaving the house with that wife of his?


Anonymous said...


As someone I know says, "Posada. Most of the time, you want to take a bullet for him. The other part of the time, you want to take that bullet and... well, you don't want to shoot him. But you want to maybe throw it at him and yell 'PAY ATTENTION!!!'" His behavior during the 10-1 victory over the Angels in the ALCS pretty much said, "Oh hey blowout, I don't have to pay attention to things like baserunning or how many outs there are." But, no matter how bad a baserunner he may be, I LOVE HIM.

Anonymous said...

Also, uhhh, just to go along with that Little Known Posada Fact, I'm a straight girl and everything, but how the heck did a guy that looks like Jorge get a girl that looks like his wife?

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

It's a big mystery, but hypnotism comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

Actually, now that I think about it, hypnotism = "hey baby, I play for the Yankees"

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I've tried that before, it's not as effective as you might think. Granted, I said it to a security guard as I was trying to gain access to the player entrance at Yankee Stadium. He definitely didn't like being called 'baby.'

Anonymous said...

Also remember when Posada stole a base in the ALCS? Glorious moment. I actually laughed out loud.

Total SB, ALCS
Posada: 1
Rest of the team: 1, 3 caught stealing

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

He is our biggest stolen base threat, mostly b/c when catchers see him take off they're so stunned they forget to throw to second.

Anonymous said...


One of the sabermetric sites did a study on the top ten best/worst baserunners in MLB and though you had to pay to see the article, which included how they calculated everything, they had the lists available, and somehow Posada was NOT on the top ten worst, how is that possible?!

You forgot the other notable Yankee speedster, Teixeira. One of the better quotes from the season came from Tex after the HE DROPPED THE BALL game, about running home: "I put it into second gear. I don't have a third, fourth, or fifth."