Friday, January 15, 2010

Yankees Donate $500,000 to Haiti Releif, MLB Follows Suit

Yesterday it was reported that the Yankees would donate $500,000 to releif efforts in Haiti. I'm always impressed to see the amount of interest the Yankees show to different humanitarian efforts. When the Tsunami hit Asia a few years back, MLB made a million dollar donation that the Yankees matched. Later that year, the Yankees made another $1 million donation for the Katrina aftermath. It goes to show that having money doesn't necessarily make you greedy.

MLB has decided to donate a $1 million to the efforts in Haiti as well, and is encouraging fans to donate to UNICEF. From all accounts it is a catastrophe. One of the quotes from the article that stands out is from the Haitian Red Cross spokesman Pericles Jean- Batiste:

"There are too many people who need help," Jean-Baptiste said. "We lack equipment, we lack body bags."

It really doesn't sound good, and much like the Tsunami, rebuilding efforts will take a long time. So if you have some extra cash, or can make the sacrifice, we encourage you to follow the lead of the Yankees and MLB and make a donation.

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