Friday, September 25, 2009

4th Starter?

Now that the Yankees have a secured playoff spot, I suppose its as good a time as any to start discussing our post season rotation. A lot of attention has already been given to the fact that Joba Chamberlain has sucked. That leaves us with a very uninspiring selection of Sergio Mitre, Chad Gaudin, Alfredo Aceves, and Josh Towers. I'm also sure there's other starting pitchers from the minors we could use, but these are the most tenable options. So the question becomes, who do we use as the 4th starter? Here is the breakdown:

Joba Chamberlain

Chamberlain apologists will point to the fact that they've been limiting his innings and he's been pitching on an odd schedule as reasons for his awful performances. I don't buy it. His last 3 starts before they started messing with his inning limits and such amounted to 12 runs in 16 innings. Thats a 6.75 ERA in those starts. His September ERA is at 8.31. He could pitch well tonight, and give us something to think about, but at this point, he really shouldn't be starting a game 4 in the postseason, let alone the world series.

Chad Gaudin

Since stepping into the rotation for the month of September, Gaudin has actually done pretty well. His last three starts have amounted to 16.1 innings allowing 6 runs. Good for a 3.38 ERA. Good enough for a post season start? Maybe.

Sergio Mitre

He may have a good sinker, but I think I've seen it once, maybe twice. That was his start against the White Sox in August and his relief of Joba this last weekend against Seattle. The problem with Mitre is that when his sinker is off, and its been off more than its been on, its basically a 90 mph meatball floating waist high through the strikezone.

Alfredo Aceves

Aceves has done a lot of good in relief, and is great when you need him to step in and give two or three innings, but its a little too late to have him try to move into the rotation. We'd basically still be stretching him out in the post season.

Josh Towers


So as you can see there aren't any options that stand out a whole lot, but Gaudin has been pitching the best out of this bunch, and he may be the way to go. Who would you want starting game 4 of the ALCS?


cheshirecat9 said...

Right now I think Gaudin has been pitching the best out of our options, but he can't make it out of the 5th inning. I'm glad I'm not the guy who has to make this decision. I get to be the guy who yells incoherantly at his TV when things don't his way. Ah, the good life.

cheshirecat9 said...

I am bored at work today, was hoping more people would have opinions on this post. Just re-read some of RJG's greatest hits. FUNNY!!!

Ruthie said...

gau to the damn D-I-N....most viable option in my opinion aside from joba. if joba sucks tonight, then i see gaudins chances of starting in the poast season doubelling

Jon Roberts said...

I want it to be Joba, but specifically the one from tonight. Over all Guadin has been more consistent recently. He has good stuff, but Joba's is better when he doesn't suck.

Raven King said...

To be honest, I don't have enough confidence in all of them.
Can't we go with a three-starter rotation?