Monday, September 7, 2009

Jeter 4 Hits Shy of Record

Jeter is just 4 hits shy of breaking Gehrig's all time hits record for a Yankee, but its the other record that I'm more interested in. If Jeter hits just 3 more homeruns this season, the 2009 Yankees will be the first team to have 8 players in the lineup with at least 20 homeruns. It speaks to the balance and consistancy of our lineup. That we lead the majors in homeruns hit on the road is further evidence that this lineup is the real deal. Now its not to say that its the greatest lineup ever to see the light of a playing field. Only two players in the lineup are batting over .300 (Jeter is one of them), and its not like we have a Mantle and Maris finishing with 61 and 54 homeruns respectively. However, this lineup is the best we've seen in years, and may be one of the few that can stand up to good pitching on a regular basis.

Either way, unless something goes horrifyingly wrong, I know Jeter's going to break Gerhig's record. The 3 homeruns is a little less certain. Hopefully he does both during this home stand.


Raven King said...

Our dauntless Captain enjoyed teasing us.

Fernando Alejandro said...

I know! 0-8 with a walk is totally not what I expected out of him. I hope he gets his three hits and three homeruns on this homestand.