Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yankees and Blue Jays Brawl

Last nights fracas between the Blue Jays and Yankees has created quite the stir, and the question remains as to whether there will be further conflict tonight. To guage the potential impact of this fight, the RJG conducted field interviews with some of the players involved.

"Last nights fight got pretty heated." Explained Toronto outfielder Adam Lind. "I was in the middle of it all. Its exciting. The closest thing to gladiatorial combat we can get to in modern times."

When asked if he believed the fighting would continue tonight. Adam Lind had this to say:

"When a fight starts, I come running out of the dugout full speed. Then I set my eyes on the players involved. I try to find someone that I'm going to push really hard. Then I run into the center of everything and start pushing people like crazy. I can push pretty hard. I practice pushing punching bags in the off season just to be ready for these moments. Sometimes people will push you while you're trying to push them, and it becomes a shoving match. It gets pretty crazy in there."

Asked about his experience in these fights Johnny Damon had this to say:

"Me, I usually like to be the guy who pulls a random player out of the crowd and then pretends to hold them back. It makes it look like I'm a peace maker."

But would the fight continue tonight or is the matter settled?

"Well I sat the team down and told them that I was dissapointed in what happened." Said Yankee manager Joe Girardi. "I mean, this isn't how we practiced it spring training. When there's a fight, we're supposed to form a phalanx with each man's bat protecting the man to his left. If we don't fight in a phalanx, then were just animals, and who wants to be just an animal?"

The Blue Jays disagreed.

"Its each man for himself out there." Said second baseman Aaron Hill. "Like yesterday I was pushing AJ Burnett, but then I turned around and clocked Carlson right in the head. Left him a big knot too. Posada was in shock, but that's how I roll."

Tonight at 7:05pm we will see what this will all come to.

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