Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cy Young Matchup of the Season Tonight

The moment we've all been waiting for will arrive at 7:05pm tonight. The most anticipated pitching matchup of the season will be aired on MY9, and the world will be watching. Yes ladies and gentleman, we are finally going to have the privilege of seeing Roy Halladay take on Sergio Mitre.

Sergio Mitre's journey to his first potential Cy Young began 6 seasons ago in Chicago. As a starter for the Chicago Cubs, he logged just two starts before his 8.31 ERA was deemed too high. Though his ERA hasn't changed much, his desire to win a Cy Young has.

"I would say the first time I thought of a Cy Young award was when I made that quality start a few weeks back. I thought to myself, 'how many of these would I need to win a Cy Young?' I figured at least one, and so far I've thrown that many." Said Mitre.

But opposing Mitre's dream is the former Cy Young winner Roy Halladay, and though Halladay has already basked in the glory of a Cy Young award, he is far too greedy to let others have a chance.

"I want to win." Said Halladay. "And since that can't happen with the Blue Jays, I figure I should just win some Cy Youngs."

So tonight, these two dreams are on a collision course of destiny. There's only one Sergio Mitre.....one Roy Halladay.....one Cy Young. Who will be deemed worthy? My votes on Halladay.


Anonymous said...

Does it seem like Hallady's turn comes up every time the Yanks and Jays get together?
Yes. Looking forward to a classic pitcher's duel.
Classic as in "bringing a knife to a gunfight."


Fernando Alejandro said...

Hahaha, yeah, that's a very accurate description. Mitre will have to be at his best to have a chance here. Halladay's been on a roll of late.

Raven King said...

A classic pitcher's duel?
Too bad dear old Jorge stole the whole show by shoving Jesse Carlson with his elbow.