Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bronny Gets a Long Distance Call

As I recently moved to the UK and was feeling a little home sick, I decided to give good friend of the blog Brian Cashman a call from my new home overseas. Below is a transcript of our conversation:

BC: Hello?

RJG: G'day guvna! Put anotha shrimp on tha barbee!

BC: You're not in Australia.

RJG: How would you know?

BC: Because I just accepted the charges for a collect call from Britain. What the #%@$& is wrong with you?

RJG: You can afford it Bronny. So Jeter tied Gehrig, huh? I wish I could've been there to see that.

BC: Yeah, it was a pretty special accomplishment.

RJG: Almost like getting internet service in the UK. Can you believe it's going to take me three weeks to get a phone line installed? That's crazy.

BC: At least you have health care.

RJG: I know. I put myself on an organ transplant list just because I can.

BC: That doesn't seem ethical.

RJG: Neither does a complete lack of baseball coverage in this country, so now we're even.

BC: Miss the game do you?

RJG: Yeah. I tried to get a national team together but they kept trying to kick the ball around and into a goal. It was very frustrating. Think 2008 regular season.

BC: Yeah, we really shouldn't have signed David Beckham that year. But we've moved on.

RJG: You sure have. I can't wait til October, it's going to be great. I know I've told you that you suck at your job on a regular basis, but you've put a great team together.

BC: All that Steinbrenner money helps.

RJG: Don't be modest bloke.

BC: Yeah, you're right. I'm pretty much the greatest GM ever.

RJG: No, it's really the money. So, can you fly me out to New York come October for every playoff game and then back to the UK?

BC: I don't think the Steinbrenner's would approve of that.

RJG: It's not all about you Bronny.


There you have it folks. The Yankees' purse is not bottomless after all, but we're still going all the way!


Quinn said...

the best part about this is this was the first post iv seen since i got internet in cortland. so it made my night.. the yanks look good... can they carry it into the playoffs? lets hope. swish seems to be finding hes groove in the new stadium and tex looks dirty. but nothing can be said for the og. jete looks like mvp quality.

Fernando Alejandro said...

I'm really interested to see how the Yankees do against the Red Sox and Angels. I think that week is going to be very telling about our post season chances.