Monday, September 21, 2009

Yankees May be Playing it a Little Close

With how terribly the Red Sox were playing in August, and early September, I sort of assumed that the Yankees would coast into a division title with ease. But after a recent surge from the Red Sox, the Yankees stand 5 games ahead with the Angels and Red Sox making up our next six road games. The Yankees are a lock for the post season, but all of a sudden the division race doesn't seem so finished. It would require quite the collapse from the Yankees for them to lose the division, especially with a magic number of 9, but the Yankees have a lot to prove this week. We're facing two contenders, and one of them will be our ALCS opponents. Combine that with the fact that our 4 and 5 guys look really bad, and the Yankees could be playing it close.


Ruthie J said...

the line keeps getting finer...overall, ups and downs in perspective, this has been an incredible yankee team to watch (esspecialy compared to last year)...lets hope the yanks play the angels and not the angels who they couldn't win against consistantly.The division is ours danmit, if jorge has to body check youkillis or edwar ramierz has to 'floyd maywether' jacoby ellsbury to get it done, so be it!

Fernando Alejandro said...

Agreed! We need to play tough in these series. We'll need strong pitching out of all our guys and that goes for both Gaudin and Joba as well.

Raven King said...

Here's what we need to do:
Step One is to invite Rick Porcello to the Bronx to give lectures on Troll Slamming.
Step Two is to put Mark Melancon on the mound in each game and make sure he aims at the right spot.

Raven King said...

As to our starters, now I have to admit that I have more confidence in Swisher than in Joba.
The new Joba rules have messed the kid up completely.