Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Best Things in Life Are Free, Except for Yankees Tickets. Those Cost a Crapload.

Its about this time of year that my family begins looking into purchasing Yankees tickets for the season, and I'm always impressed at just how expensive they can be. Yes, the Yankees do field a regular team of multi-millionaires, and do a great job of keeping seats filled. Well, not the luxury seats, even rich people didn't want to pay that much, but in general they pack the stadium. A day in the stadium, a good one at least, will run you the price of the ticket, a couple $6 hotdogs, and a couple $9 beers per person, etc. It adds up quickly. I do see why families with kids would have a hard time going to the ballgame. Especially when money should probably be going to more important things, like fixing the leak thats sending water into my basement right onto the 70's carpets, because people in the 70's apparently thought basement carpets were a great freakin' idea. The point being, that I can only afford to go to a game this season, because my benevolent parents are taking me. Well technically I'm taking them as I'll be driving, but they're paying so I get the better end of the deal. June 10 against Cleveland, I am pumped! Some say handouts are for suckers, but I say if they're good enough for the largest banks in the world, then they're good enough for me.

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Evelyn Jackson said...

Haha! I remember when bleacher seats were 12 dollars! Now they are 20! Wow thats more than a movie! Oh well once a bleacher creature always a bleacher creature. That how it started any way! Have fun watching cleveland lose.