Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring Training Has a Way of Making Decisions for You

Just last week I was questioning the wisdom behind sending Montero ahead of Cervelli, since Cervelli is a serviceable backup and gives the Yankees the rare opportunity of not having to rush a prospect. But now that Cervelli has a fracture in his foot, its pretty much set that Montero will be in the big leagues. This is welcome news for Montero, and we'll get to see what this kid can do. And that's the beauty of spring. Some decisions are hard to make, but some get made for you. Injuries, terrible performances, steroid scandals, all have a way of making decisions for the team. The toughest decision right now has to be that 5th starter spot. While the 4th almost seems like a lock for Freddy Garcia (barring injury, terrible performance and steroid scandals), Colon had a strong start his last time out making the race between Colon and Nova a little tighter. Competition is good, and considering how boring this off season was, its good to have something, if only of nominal interest, to talk about.

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