Monday, March 28, 2011

More Decisions Coming

This is the week. Girardi mentioned that he would be announcing the backup catcher, utility infielder and reserve corner outfielder today, and this means little more than that spring training is almost over and the season is close to starting. This very Thursday, the Yankees will be taking on the Tigers. Spring training can be enjoyable, but its always just a place holder for real baseball. But this is the time for optimism and speculation. A-Rod's been crushing the ball, Jeter's been punching out base hits, Eric Chavez has made it through baseball activities without a season ending injury, its all looking up.


Anonymous said...

Does the season begin this Thursday? OMG, I need to look sick for the next 2 working days so that I can take a sick day off on Thursday..... I love baseball season. It's all about spring in NYC:)

Fernando Alejandro said...

Every year since I started working I would ask for opening day off months in advance. This year opening day falls during one of my busiest weeks! Depending how things look on Thursday I may still try to take a half day, but its not looking super promising!