Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We Respect His Gangster

It sometimes comes about that in spring training, those minor league players who are real long shots to make the team, end up getting hurt and knocking themselves out of any possible chance they may have had to make the team. Its happened with Cervelli just about every season, and it recently happened with Colin Curtis, who made an all out sprint into a wall to make a catch, injuring his arm in the process. Making an all out play in spring training is respect worthy for a minor leaguer who is hoping to catch some attention from the big league club, but most respect-worthy is his statement afterwards:

"Kind of unlucky...Sick catch though." - Colin Curtis

Sir, you have just won my respect. You have managed to maintain perspective despite the setback. Never apologize for playing hard Colin!

However, an apology is due from Nick Swisher, who as a major league player shouldn't be playing hard in spring training. Swisher ran into and over a fence yesterday making a catch in foul territory. Its spring training Swish, don't go getting yourself injured before we have a chance to pitch ourselves out of contention this year! And on that front, Sergio Mitre just pitched three scoreless innings adding himself to the list of 5th starter candidates throwing well this spring. Honestly this is the best case scenario. All three candidates are pitching well and showing the team they can contribute. Keeping the extra candidates around after the season starts insures that whoever wins that spot won't become complacent. Its hard to slack off when you're replacement is already hired and in uniform, and is watching you, in a weird way, in a following you home and needing a restraining order kind of way.

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