Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Colon Goes 6 Strong

Bartolo Colon pitched 6 innings of 1 run ball against the Rays yesterday furthering his case for winning that 5th spot in the rotation. I think we have seen enough from him to give him a shot. At this point I wouldn't mind seeing Colon and Nova in the rotation and Garcia in the bullpen if he would accept that. This would rid us of Sergio Mitre, but I don't know how big of a role we could have expected Mitre to play. We've never seen Garcia pitch out of the bullpen, but I would imagine that getting outs through one inning wouldn't be too hard a task for someone who's sole asset seems to be a competitive spirit. Just think about it, whenever you hear anyone talk about Garcia they never talk about how good his stuff is. In fact, all the talk is pretty much about how weak his stuff is compared to his pre-surgery days. The one thing people credit him with is a competitive spirit, and that's fine, but I don't know that its enough to win him a rotation spot. Especially with how well Colon is pitching. If Garcia accepts the bullpen role, we could always stretch him back out and plug him into the rotation if and when Colon gets injured, or reach into our pitching rich system to fill that spot. You have to figure that as long as Colon is healthy, he should be able to keep up the way he's been pitching. The risk could very well be rewarded.

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