Monday, March 21, 2011

Mets Release Ollie Perez

Its official, the $12 million lefty has been let go by the Mets just a few days after 2nd baseman Luis Castillo was released with the Mets eating the $6 million left on his contract. That's $18 million wasted dollars for the Mets in a time when the team's ownership is struggling the most financially. But it is a good sign for the Mets that they're willing to cut their losses, and move forward with more of a rebuilding mentality. Even with what I still consider a stupid signing in Rafael Soriano, you have to give it to the Yankees for building the team the way they have. The Mets spent money, it wasn't just an issue of the Yankees buying the best players. In fact, some of the more recent decisions by the Yankees have paid huge dividends without the big price tags. Easing Phil Hughes into the rotation, and Brett Gardner into the outfield have given us two cost controlled pieces who look to be major contributors. Robinson Cano is locked into a modest deal for a player of his caliber, and that's not even considering guys like Nick Swisher and Curtis Granderson who we brought in through trades, and look to boost our offense considerably. Yes we've signed the A-Rod's, the Sabathia's and the Teixeira's, but we've also built around those pieces with other cost effective pieces. If only we could find another quality starting pitcher.


Rich Mahogany said...

Igawa could have been the Yankees' version of Perez, but the Yankees were able to banish him to Scranton rather than release him. Igawa is as good as released, as he will never set foot in Yankee Stadium again unless he buys a ticket.

Rich Mahogany said...

The Nationals signed Perez to a minor league deal. Now he can seek revenge against his former team. And by "revenge" I mean the opportunity to have vile epithets yelled at him by Mets fans while he pitches in garbage time.