Thursday, March 24, 2011

Buck Showalter Has Apparently Forgotten Who He's Managing

Buck Showalter recently made some comments about how he likes to scream at Jeter because of the way he jumps back from pitches inside, and said Theo Epstein wouldn't be so smart with the Rays payroll. The RJG were able to catch up with Showalter to see why he had so much animosity towards Jeter and Epstein.

"Well, we'll throw pitches inside to Jeter, and he backs off the plate. I mean why doesn't he just let it hit him? That's how my team plans to get on base this season. Everyone knows we can't hit our way on."

And for Epstein?

"He has a billion dollar payroll and he signs Carl Crawford and everyone thinks he's a genius. Its not like he's built two championship teams in the past decade. Same with Cashman. If they were smart they'd be able to build themselves into the basement of the AL east like we have. We're poised to come from behind any moment now. Just like the Rays were in the early part of the 2000's. And just like them, we're going to win that championship!"

When told that the Rays haven't won a championship yet, Showalter grew furious.

"You think the Orioles are finished!? Its just like that book Animal Farm! You're all a bunch of communists!"

Indeed. Lets hope this new fire spurs the O's onward.


Rich Mahogany said...

Working for ESPN has taken its toll on this man's capacity for rational thought.

Fernando Alejandro said...

As does watching ESPN. Zing!