Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nova Sharp Against O's, but Then Again, They're the O's.

Yesterday, Ivan Nova pitched so well against the Orioles that his 5 inning outing stretched to 6 innings, and even after that needed to pitch in the bullpen to get all his work in (source). Apparently, Nova's curveball had been erratic during his warmup and he decided to dust off an old slider he used to use. That slider proved to be an out pitch last night, and he used it effectively. Nova was really excited about his new found slider until someone reminded him that he was playing the O's. "Its kind of like winning a fight, and feeling all proud of yourself, only to realize that you were fighting a girl scout who was just trying to sell you cookies. I bought the Samoas. They're really good." Explained Nova.


Rich Mahogany said...

They are called Caramel De-Lites now, Ivan.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Maybe that's what the fight was about.