Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Should Cano Bat 3rd?

Bob Klapisch wrote an interesting article on Robinson Cano and whether or not he should be batting 3rd. The basic argument is that Teixeira is largely a giant void in the 3-spot until early July when he remembers that the season started. In April of last season Cano hit .400 with 8 homeruns while Teixeira, in the 3-spot, was hitting .136. It hasn't been much of an issue since the Yankees always score lots of runs, but the question is whether this year, when we don't have as much confidence in our starting pitching, if it would be wise to swap the two. According to the article, Cano doesn't even like the idea, and Teixeira could be effected by it. Would it be worth trying it out for the short term? Would you like to see Cano batting 3rd?


Anonymous said...

I do, at least until Texeira begins to bat, which last year was like mid- season. Do you think they both have the same power or do you think that Texeiara is a power hitter while Cano is not?

Fernando Alejandro said...

I think Cano will end up having more pop throughout his career than he has thus far, but as it stands now, Teixeira's more of the power hitter. That being said, I think Cano's the better overall hitter.