Friday, May 6, 2011

Burnett Sharp, Yankees Not

The Good/Bad

Yesterday, the good turned into the bad. Burnett was sharp yesterday going 7 innings and allowing 2 earned runs, but errors were costly, and ended up costing him an additional 3 unearned runs. So 5 runs would score off Burnett on a night where he gave up just 3 hits and 1 walk, none of those hits for extra bases. Eric Chavez hit a nice RBI triple, but then came into third limping. He was pulled from the game, and is now on the DL. Eduardo Nunez went 2-4 with an RBI showing he could hit, but he made two throwing errors showing he can't field. As I said, the good turned into the bad.

The Ugly

Where is the Yankees offense? I know it tends to dissapear from time to time, but it seemed absent the last three games. Here's hoping they recapture it in Texas.

Homers for the Babies? Not in Detroit

No homeruns yesterday or the day before as the Yankees decided collectively that healing the babies was not a priority.

Mark Teixeira 8hr = $16
Curtis Granderson 8hr = $16
Russell Martin 6hr = $12
Alex Rodriguez 5hr = $10
Jorge Posada 6hr = $12
Robinson Cano 8hr = $16
Andruw Jones 1hr = $2
Brett Gardner 3hr = $6
Nick Swisher 1hr = $2
Total = $92

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