Tuesday, April 24, 2012

CC Steps it Up, Jeter Backs Him Up

The Good

CC gave us 8 innings of 4 run ball, with 8 strikeouts. To take the first game against the best playing team in baseball is good. Also, Derek Jeter went 4-5 proving that he won't age quietly. A-Rod hit a 3-run homerun in the 5th inning and walked twice. And of course, Chris Stewart had a career game where he got on base twice in the same game. This matches his previous season total for on base appearances, which he accomplished last year in San Francisco. Mariano got the save.

The Bad

Andruw Jones wants to win an every day job, and with Gardner on the DL he has an opportunity to do so, but his 0-4 night puts him at .154 on the season. He may not win the starting job.

The Ugly

Josh Hamilton has hit 8 homeruns this season. Like a jerk.

The Babies Benefit

Still the best part of A-Rod's homerun was not the 3 RBI's it gave the Yankees, but the $2 it gave the babies at the Children's Health Fund.

Raul Ibanez 2hr = $4
Nick Swisher 4hr = $8
Andruw Jones 2hr = $4
Derek Jeter 4hr = $8
Curtis Granderson 6hr = $12
Alex Rodriguez 3hr = $6
Robinson Cano 1hr = $2
Mark Teixeira 3hr = $6
Eric Chavez 2hr = $4
Russell Martin 1hr = $2

Total 28hr = $56


Rich Mahogany said...

Respect Jeter's gangster. What else is there to say?

Fernando Alejandro said...

That's exactly what we've been saying for years!

Anonymous said...

Is Rich's comment part of "The Good?" I'm confused.

Rich Mahogany said...

It was an addition to "The Good." Just some more praise for a great player who remains full of surprises. And not the kind that involves winning the MVP and then failing a drug test.

Rob B said...

My questions is this: do any of Hamilton's HRs help the babies? Hm? Do they?

Fernando Alejandro said...

No, Hamilton's homeruns raise money for the Influenza Clinic, which actually injects babies with the flu.