Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sabathia Settles In and Settles Twins

The Good

After a rocky 3 innings, Sabathia settled down and managed to give his best performance of the year: 7.1 innings, 3 runs, 7 strikeouts. The Yankees combined for 13 hits, including 2 from back up catcher Chris Stewart whose 2 run single sparked the Yankees. Jeter went an unJeter-like 1-4 but still drove in 2 runs. Stewart, Gardner, Nunez, Jones and Swisher each had 2 hits, with Jones hitting a long ball. A pretty solid offensive performance.

The Bad

Everyone on the Yankees was invited to the hits party except for A-Rod who went 0-4. Apparently, it wasn't the only thing he wasn't invited to.

"Last night I couldn't sleep so I decided to take a walk out on the town. I passed by a Starbucks and I saw Eduardo Nunez, Cory Wade and Gardner having coffee together. I wasn't invited. Why wouldn't they invite me?"

When asked why they didn't invite A-Rod, the trio responded: "The last time we hung out with A-Rod he made it clear that he liked to surround himself with lesser ball players so that the ladies would flock to him. He then wouldn't stop referring to us as decoys. It hurt our feelings."

Fair enough.

The Ugly

Gardner hurt his wrist making a diving catch. It conjured up images of the time Hideki Matsui broke his wrist on a diving catch in left field. That was ugly.

Andruw Jones May Not Win a Starting Role On The Field, But He's Definitely Earned A Starting Role in the Hearts of Children

Andruw Jones hit a homerun last night earning a couple more bucks for the Children's Health Fund.

Raul Ibanez 2hr = $4
Nick Swisher 2hr = $4
Andruw Jones 2hr = $4
Derek Jeter 3hr = $6
Curtis Granderson 3hr = $6
Alex Rodriguez 1hr = $2

Total 13hr = $26


Rich Mahogany said...

Unfortunately, right now ARod could be considered a lesser ballplayer.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Its been chili, and it takes old people a little longer to warm up in these conditions.