Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yankees Drop Opening Series

The Good

Kuroda was drunk, so this was not necessarily representative of his pitching ability.

The Bad

Kuroda was pretty bad today; Nunez didn't exactly help. Kuroda gave up six runs, four earned. The other two were earned by Nunez, who now has a 2.25 ERA. That's still better, however, than Kuroda's 6.35 ERA, so some rotation decisions may have to be made soon.

The Ugly

Twenty-seven. Yes, that is the number of Yankees championships. But it is also Clay Rapada's ERA. His ERA is so high, it failed MLB's random drug testing and is now faced with a suspension and mandatory rehab.


Fernando Alejandro said...

Gotta love April baseball.

Anonymous said...

What a waist of time. I bought my pizza pies and beer for the weekend, and the games were so disappointing that I lost interest by the third inning of each game. I underestimated the cases of beer so I stopped watching and visited my good old friend in my corner's bar and grill rest. I'm just glad baseball is back.

Fernando Alejandro said...

I agree. Not a great way to start the season. I just hope we can do a little better against Baltimore!

Rich Mahogany said...

The Yankees are clearly unnerved after watching your chilling expose, The RJG Movie. You need to pen a sequel to set them straight.