Saturday, April 7, 2012

Yankees Drop Opener

The Good

The offense finally came to life. After a dismal playoff performance last October, the Yankees finally figured out how to hit. It only took six months!

The Bad

Walking Rodriguez to load the bases and pitch to Carlos Pena was bad. CC was pretty bad for the first few innings. The Trop is still awful. This month's jobs report was still bad. Steve Jobs died. That's bad, especially if you're Steve Jobs. Man, blogging about the Yankees is starting to get really depressing.

The Ugly

In an alternate reality, where athlete's public statements accurately reflect our sports-crazed culture, Mo's post game interview with beat reporters sounded something like this:

"Today, I don't do my job. Sometimes you don't do your job. Sometimes you blog, or tweet, or check email, instead of writing your articles. The difference is, when I don't do my job, the Yankees lose. That means, my life matters and yours doesn't."

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