Tuesday, April 10, 2012

RJG, The Movie: Scene 2

[Roberto and Fernando are driving around in a car.  It's a nice day out, but the mood inside the vehicle is far less sunny.]

R: Where are we going?

F: It's a company outing.  You'll see.  It's going to be fun.

R: Well, it's already loads of not fun, and half the company isn't even here!

F: They're going to meet us there.

R: Then why did Bucky just text asking where the hell we are?!

F: Bucky said 'hell'?  That's not like him!

R: Of course he didn't say 'hell'.  I cleaned it up for you.

F: That wasn't that clean even.

R: You didn't see the original text message.

F: Fair enough.

R: So where are we going?

F: Are you really going to do this the whole way there?

R: Not if you just tell me where we're going!

F: Fine, I'm taking you home.

R: Why are you taking me home?!

F: You're being suspended for five days.  No blogging activities.

R: What?! Is this because my posts have become too funny again?!

F: No, it's because you said you loved Fidel Castro.  

R: He buys me nice things.

F: Yeah, but when you're asked a non-blogging question and answer it honestly you have to deal with the blogging related consequences.

R: Wouldn't it be easier if, as the owner of the blog, you just stood up for me and said this "controversy" has nothing to do with blogging?

F: It's not that simple; I have potential advertisers to appease.  

R: What potential advertisers? 

F: Advertisers!

R: This is bull$#!%.  

F: This is business.

R: Curt Schilling never once got in any baseball related trouble for constantly proclaiming his love for a president that a not insignificant portion of the population of the state in which he played hated.  I guess when your name is Roberto Alejandro you can't have political opinions though.  Too uppity.  

F: That has nothing to do with it!  I resent the implications of that statement.

R: I resent your face.  Well, not your face so much, but the having to look at it.

F: Well, I resent your face!

R: Words hurt, you know?!

F: Your face hurts.

[The car comes to a stop at a red light.  A single tear rolls down Roberto's cheek.  Fade.]


Tigs said...

Yah, that's some bullshit right there.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...


Fernando Alejandro said...

I'm all business.

Anonymous said...

Right on, brother!