Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rangers Take Series from Yanks

The Good

Hughes still sucks.  You're probably thinking, 'but that's bad, right?!'  No.  It isn't.  Because if Hughes didn't suck, I'd have to reverse course and admit I was wrong for throwing him under the bus pretty much every time he threw a pitch in the starting rotation.  As is, I don't have to admit $#!%, which is good.

The Bad

Hughes is still in the rotation.  I know, I should be more patient.  But for years now I've been hearing about all this great AAA pitching depth and these kids never get a shot.  I understand not moving a CC or Kuroda, veterans who have shown us something.  Nova has earned his keep, but should Burnett have held up a spot for as long as he did?  Should Garcia and Hughes do so now?  Pettitte shouldn't be the only guy we're looking to call up at this point.  Remember when we put Hughes and Kennedy in our rotation and it went horribly awry.  Well, it turns out Kennedy is actually a decent major league pitcher, just not in the AL East.  When do we accept that the same might be true for Hughes?

The Ugly

Phelps pitched really badly yesterday.  And while I hate to say this, I think Joe Girardi may have Joe Torred Phelps.  The poor kid has had to pitch 5 innings more or less every game not pitched by Ivan Nova.  Pineda may not be the only guy seeing Dr. Altchek this year.  Just sayin'.

Not a Complete Loss

Raul Ibanez knocked one out of the park for the kids.  Awesome.

Raul Ibanez 3hr = $6
Nick Swisher 4hr = $8
Andruw Jones 2hr = $4
Derek Jeter 4hr = $8
Curtis Granderson 6hr = $12
Alex Rodriguez 3hr = $6
Robinson Cano 1hr = $2
Mark Teixeira 3hr = $6
Eric Chavez 2hr = $4
Russell Martin 1hr = $2

Total 28hr = $58


Rich Mahogany said...

Interesting observation about Phelps, but I don't think he's being Proctored yet. He's gotten rest between his appearances.

As a converted starter, he might be struggling with the lack of a regular schedule.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

That's definitely possible, and he was also facing, arguably, the best line-up in the AL, but he has pitched in a lot of games for a guy who often has to go more than two innings and is not, at this point, stretched out as a starter. I hope I'm wrong though.