Sunday, December 21, 2008

Manny and Teix, Whose the Belle of the Ball?

Two articles came out in the Post today, one has the Yankees back in the Teixeira race and the other has a former scout talking up Manny Ramirez. The former article claims that the Yankees are in serious talks with Boras over Teixeira though they have not put forward an offer. The latter article is about the scout that originally scouted Manny for the Indians and how he believes that Manny would be a great addition to the Yankees. The Yankees appear to be interested in Manny if the money and years are right, but Manny is mad for money and years, and it would be hard to assume that he'd settle.

Teixeira has said that he wants a deal made before Christmas, but with three offers on the table and now the Yankees sniffing around, I just don't see it happening by then.

As for Manny, he's really dug himself in a hole with all his years of nonesense. He can still mash though, and I think he immediately makes the Yankees better. I would prefer Manny to Teixeira if only because the deal would be short term, and it wouldn't block up firstbase where the Yankees are hoping Jesus Montero can one day play. I know its not smart to plan on the projected future of a minor league prospect, but Teixeira for 7 or 8 years certainly locks that position down. Either player would better the team, but only time will tell who will be the belle of the ball at the Yankees homecoming.


Anonymous said...

Fer s**t sake. Teixeira want an Arod contract, but the thing is, by the time ARod got those contracts, he'd had a coupe .350/50/WAY over 100 years. He was looking like Babe Ruth at shortstop. and he could break one of those years out any time. Tes is the bst available NOW, but, as I said before, he's not alock for his first ballot just yet.
I find myself incling to the Manny camp, but I think it may just be teh bandwagon gene kicking in.
He's the best hitter in Baseball--including Arod. He steps up in pressure situations. He'd be coming home, which could just be a motivator.
On the other hand., he's Manny.
And he's gonna be pissed that 30 teams haven't all been trying to top each other to get him. That's churning his guts.
Until he steps in the box, all he is is flake.
Girardi will either have a bleeding ulcer or kill him by the end of June.
Or punch him with his World Series ring in 2010 spring training. That's the thing. If Manny comes to the Yankees, plays like he can, The Yankess win. Win everything. Alex relaxes, even.
But is he capable of that focus?
I jist don't know.


Roberto Alejandro said...

ESPN is reporting that the angels have pulled their 8 year offer to Teixeira off the table. Does that mean the Yanks sneak in?

Fernando Alejandro said...

I prefer Manny's bat, but prefer Teixeira as a team player. Teixeira's a 30 homerun guy, but he just doesn't strike the fear in opposing pitchers that Manny does. Plus, we'd get Manny for a shorter deal, which is a must. I don't want any player for 8 years at this point.

TribeGirl said...

Manny's the better bat, the better deal, and a sure thing to bring in the fear, the runs, and the wins. No brainer! Pay him and lets all enjoy the New Year!!!

She-Fan said...

Anonymous's point is well taken. Manny would give Girardi a bleeding ulcer. And worse. And I'll believe the Angels and Red Sox are out of the Tex sweepstakes when someone convinces me there's no Santa.

Fernando Alejandro said...

I know that Girardi and Manny are polar opposites, but honestly isn't his job as a manager to manage the varying personalities in his clubhouse? In fact, he needs to loosen up all around. You get the sense that he's lost his clubhouse, beginning with the veterans and then with the rookies.

Raven King said...

No matter who wins the Belle of the Ball tiara, Mr. Boras will be happily richer than he was last year.
I say forget Teixeira, sign Manny for 3 years and go get Roy Halladay, Josh Hamilton and/or Grady Sizemore in 2011.
It’ll be a lot more fun to have Manny's dreadlocks on this team.

TribeGirl said...

Excuse me Raven King, leave Grady Sizemore off your Yankee radar, thank you very much!!!!

Raven King said...

Here's the deal, Tribegirl, Grady goes to us and you get to keep his evil twin brother Greedy Seizemore.