Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Apparently Vazquez Has Struggled

The news coverage today is largely centered around Vazquez's struggles. It is almost the only real topic of discussion around these Yankees, and it is the day after an off-day which generally lends itself to retellings of the obvious. If Vazquez had been pitching well, I'm guessing we'd be hearing either about soon-to-expire contracts or Phil Hughes. The Feds still haven't interviewed A-Rod as far as I know, so that's another possibility.

There's been some talk on the blog about Boston recently, so I figured I'd mention them briefly. The BoSox now play the Rangers, who were just swept in New York. The fact that the struggling BoSox were swept by a strong Rays team is hardly shocking, not that that's stopping me from enjoying it so much. How Boston fares against the Rangers, who are young enough that they make a lot of silly mistakes, will tell us more about the current state of the team.

In other AL East news, Joe Maddon has been told that he's not allowed to wear a hoodie in the dugout anymore. While Major League Baseball does not require that its managers be awake during games, it does expect them to look presentable. Maddon, however, seems to have been unfairly singled out. MLB also recently forbid managers from wearing mohawks, or 50s style military issue glasses.


lady gaganonymous said...

Joe Maddon is douchey and I'm pretty sure he has some assassins out after Tex so I don't mind anyone taking him down a peg

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I'm in agreement, Lady Gaganonymous.