Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Focus on Posada and Burnett

With an off day yesterday, there was not much Yankees news to report on. Coverage, therefore, is largely focused on the relationship between AJ Burnett and Jorge Posada, which soured last year after some ugliness in the clubhouse.

"So I'm sitting in the clubhouse," explained one witness who asked to remain anonymous so that he could discuss the situation openly. "I'm looking in the mirror thinking to myself, 'I wonder if Kate will think this haircut makes me look like Jeter.' Then Burnett walks in with the yellowest Tonka truck you ever saw. It had the arm for digging in the sandbox, and a bulldozer. Posada's all 'Can I play with it?' But Burnett was like, 'Later, but you can be the first to use it after me.' Posada was really looking forward to playing with it. He left and when he came back Molina was playing with it. It did not go well from there."

Burnett and Posada, who had previously been best friends, were no longer talking. Posada even told CC Sabathia that Burnett had cooties, widening the rift between them. At the beginning of Spring Training, Joe Girardi took the two squabbling players aside and told them that they had to play nice together or not play at all. Since then the two have been observed sharing in the clubhouse, a gesture many see as a sign of caring.

Will Girardi's tough love approach pay off? Only time will tell. For now, however, Posada and Burnett are back on the same page.


Rich Mahogany said...

The Tonka truck incident reminded me of a similar run-in involving Posada, Randy Johnson, and a He-Man with Battle Damage Armor figure that led to Johnson's disappointing performance in the 2005 playoffs.

To avoid such problems in the future, the Yankees should call up Pat Venditte. He can help the whole team understand that sharing means caring.

Dylan Murphy said...

Something tells me that Burnett does not invite Posada to thanksgiving every year.

lady gaganonymous said...

This was pretty amusing. No matter who is catching, though, Burnett vs. Lester makes me ... eek.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I actually know for a fact that Burnett and Posada share thanksgiving every year, which is to say they both celebrate it on the same day. I can't guarantee they're at the same location, but it would only make sense.