Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Trade That Worked For All?

This morning I was thinking about how well Granderson has been playing for us, and how in the beginning there was some angst about parting with our star outfield prospect for someone like him. Usually in a trade that involves so many young prospects, you never know how it will turn out, and truthfully its too early to tell if this has worked out well. But there are some encouraging signs for all teams involved in this trade. Besides the amazing defense that Granderson has brought to centerfield, he has been off to a hot start batting .348 through the first two series of the season and belting a pair of homeruns. Contrary to popular beleif, Granderson has yet to wet himself when facing left handed pitching, granted its been a small sample size, and there are some lefties out there that are pant wetting worthy. Granderson has also stolen 3 bases, which really changes the dynamic of this team. Not only do you need to worry about the big bats in the lineup, now you need to be worried of some legitimate base stealing threats.

Ian Kennedy, one of the players moved in this Granderson trade, has made one start this season where he went 5 innings and gave up 3 runs, which doesn't sound that impressive. But he struck out 8 and walked none. In the NL, Kennedy may really flourish, though it is still early, and he still needs time to settle in.

Coke and A-Jax both ended up with Detroit, and have both been off to impressive starts. Coke has thrown 4.2 scoreless innings, and A-Jax is batting .313. That being said, he has 10 strikeouts in just 32 at bats, but this is apart of the growing process for him.

Its too early to tell, but at this point, it does seem like a very good trade for all the teams involved. I'll have to check back mid-season and reevaluate.

My brother and I were talking the other day about this shift we're having in the AL East. In the past, the Yankees have always been a second half team, that stumbles out of the gate each year making for a frustrating April-June. This year, they've been winning games early, and that with the slow starts of some of our bigger bats (Tex and A-Rod). The Red Sox on the other hand are having a rough start to their season, currently playing under .500. I know they won't continue playing that way, but its just strange to have this shift. Perhaps our early success is a result of having won our first championship in 9 years.


Rich Mahogany said...

I especially enjoyed this post as I was wondering what IPK, AJax and Coke were up to (besides making regrettable personal grooming decisions, in Coke's case). I obviously want Granderson to keep playing well more than anything, but I like it when everyone involved in a trade goes on to help their new teams.

Bottom line is that none of the guys Cashman gave up was critical to the Yankees' future, while Granderson addressed one of the team's biggest needs.

Dylan Murphy said...

Especially since the Yankees are built to win now, the trade makes total sense. Even if Austin Jackson and Ian Kennedy become very good players, it's still a worthwhile deal since the Yankees would not have benefited from their success until a few years down the road.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Granderson made a whole lot of sense for this team. Cost controlled, and already an all-star caliber player. AJax may be that, but I don't think the Yankees had the time to develop him at the big league level. Same goes for IPK.