Friday, April 9, 2010

Yankees-Rays Preview

As the Yanks get prepared to play the second lap of their toughest stretch of the season (Boston followed by Tampa Bay followed by Anaheim? Seriously?), and particularly since yesterday was an off-day which generated absolutely no news, we thought it important to preview the series against the Rays.

The Yanks

You already know these guys fairly well. The big story line here is that Javy Vazquez will be trying to make amends for the what happened in 2004. Well, as long as he doesn't give up a grand-slam on his first pitch of the game, mission accomplished.

The Yanks are coming off a series win against the Red Sox, and now have a chance to firmly establish themselves as the team of the week if they can succeed against the Rays, to whom we now turn.

The Rays

The Rays are a young and dynamic team. All of their players were either handing you movie theater popcorn or semi-competently filling your order at McDonald's within the last three years. Most of them no longer require the use of a retainer. Now they're major leaguers, and a team that will threaten for second place in the division (first if both the Yankees and Red Sox give up).

All this should make for a good series, but it's April so it could be a completely awful show of baseball. You never know this time of year, which is what makes it so exciting.


Tigs said...

there's a lot of ugly going on here...

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

In. Deed.

lady gaganonymous said...

Poor Javy.

I really hate when any team beats the Yankees how it's considered MAKING A STATEMENT!!! though.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Yeah. I'm sure the Rays are the new favorite to win the World Series, the way the Sox were after winning the opener.

Blow outs tend to be followed by blow outs (just by the other team), so I'm expecting the Yanks to get revenge today.