Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yankees Win Another Series

The Good

The Yankees have taken another series behind a seven inning effort from AJ Burnett in which he allowed no runs. A-Rod hit his first home run of the season, while Teixeira managed an RBI single. Also, Ron Washington once used cocaine. Had he not done so, his team would probably lead the league in all categories, but he did. Cocaine. That's what he used.

The Bad

Alfredo Aceves allowed a three-run homer in the eighth. Cano had his first 0-for of the season. Also, Ron Washington tested positive for cocaine last year.

The Ugly

You may not know this, but Ron Washington used cocaine. For fun. That's what he used it for. Oh, and Joba's fastball wasn't in the mid-90s. WTF?

A First Time For Everything

For A-Rod it was the first home run of the season. It was also the first time he passed Mark McGwire on the all-time home run list. For Jeter, it was his first time hitting his third home run of 2010.

Posada 2hr = $2
Granderson 2hr = $2
Cano 4hr = $4
Swisher 1hr = $1
Jeter 3hr = $3
Johnson 1hr = $1
Rodriguez 1hr = $1
Total = $14


Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Interesting article on baseball's need for a salary cap.

Rob B in NV said...

Long time reader. First time poster. That was an EXCELLENT article on the salary cap. It has always irritated me that people think the Yankees should be punished just because they have been so successful in building such a great product over the last 100 years.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Welcome to the comments, Rob B, and thanks for reading.

I really liked the points about both the problem of trying to draw conclusions based on the experience of the NFL/NBA and requiring teams to spend revenue sharing dollars on some aspect of development, if not payroll.

I've always felt the Yanks were unfairly targeted by the 'payroll police'. They do have a lot of money, but they also spend it on their team. Something you can't say for all owners.

lady gaganonymous said...

The cocaine mentions are hilarious. Love this blog. And the Yankees. :D

Jon Roberts said...

I don't how much players think about when they sign, but if you account for the cost of living in NY it's a lot closer, payroll wise, than sports tweeters like to write about. It costs a lot more to do anything in NY than in KC or TB.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

This came up during the YES broadcast, but when Posada hit his 1500th hit, the Yanks called for the ball. The ball was rolled to the dugout, where it was picked up by some ball bay and immediately thrown into a bucket full of other balls. Posada got a ball, but probably not the ball. Whoops. (mentioned here).