Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yanks Take Home Opener

The Good

The day began with a very touching scene when the Yankees surrounded Matsui on the field for a big hug after Matsui received his ring. Other good things were the Yankees scoring 7 runs; Pettitte pitching 6 shoutout innings; and taking the first home game, something we failed to do last year against Cleveland of all teams.

The Bad

Bernie threw out the first pitch, and bounced it. We all love Bernie, so we can let that go, but can he at least retire already? He can't throw 60 feet, he's gonna come back and play outfield?

The Ugly

Mo had to come in to close the game because Dave Robertson couldn't wait to load the bases and then give up a grand slam to former Yankee, nice guy, and wallaphobe Bobby Abreu. The game was 1-7 in the top of the ninth and Robertson, the same Robertson who came into a bases loaded situation during the World Series (if I recall correctly) and got out of the inning not having allowed a single run, allowed four runs to come across the plate. That's ugly.

Ball Crushers

The Yankees continue to crush balls (really?), with both Derek Jeter and Nick Johnson hitting their first home runs of the season. The Bleacher Creatures wept, then called someone in the tier seats a gay slur.

Posada 2hr = $2
Granderson 2hr = $2
Cano 2hr = $2
Swisher 1hr = $1
Jeter 1hr = $1
Johnson 1hr = $1
Total = $9


lady gaganoymous said...

Great game.

haha "wallaphobe." When they went to get Mo, I was terribly afraid Hunter was going to reach, and then Matsui would hit a game-tying home run, but Matsui continued to be a True Yankee (c) (tm) by going 0-for-5 and ending the game on a weak pop-up.

Dave Robertson getting out of the bases-loaded, nobody out thing was in Game 2 of the ALDS.

Nathan said...

I am currently in the...New people in old people out it's going to take a few weeks to iron things out but THEN we will start winning... and in a month and a half it will turn into, we just need to trade for that right piece and THEN we will start winning.

Seriously though...how old is Andy? His pitching has been rad his first two starts. Even more seriously.....How can you have someone batting 200 do so much damage, I guess patience is a virtue Mr Johnson.

*sigh* go angeles or something *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Oh well. I'd ratehr see the kid melt down in a 7-1 game than a 2-1.
Funny thing. The Dodgers/Diamondbacks game was on right after the Yankees game. Our old buddy Ian Kennedy on the mound.
Announcer was saying "Kennedy was a #1 draft pick for the Yankees a few years ago. They don't usually let them kind get away."
4 Dodger homeruns later, I think it was pretty plain just why they let him "get away."


lady gaganonymous said...

I agree - if Dave Robertson was gonna have a meltdown, better to have it when your team has a six-run lead.

I'm pretty convinced IPK will get his first win of the year whenever the Mets play the Diamondbacks. These things happen with the Mets.

IPK wasn't a #1 draft pick either... he was chosen in the first round, though.

lady gaganonymous said...

also Nathan, Andy is 37 years young :) He's going to be 38 soonish, though. *gulp*

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

The Angels definitely don't seem to have the caliber of pitching they once did, but I wonder to what extent their division is strong enough for them not to be competitive (even with Seattle's pitching acquisitions).

The pitching has been good early. I'm not used to facing the prospect of not beginning the year 11-19. It's a weird feeling right now.

Mrs. Alejandro said...

Nathan! Is that you?!

Nathan said...

Yes this is The Nathan. I have official changed my name to that. People now say, "Hi The Nathan" that or "Ha Ha your Angels suck" at which point I weep quietly.