Saturday, April 10, 2010

Yanks Get Their [Donkeys] Handed to Them

The Good

Um . . . Well . . . There was the . . . um . . . first three innings or something. Joe West wasn't there, I guess that's good. Um . . . the weather was nice?

The Bad

Javy. Vazquez. In fairness, he only gave up 8 runs. If he was an NFL defense, we'd say that's not so bad. It's all a matter of perspective really.

The Ugly

Javy. Vazquez. Eight runs? Eight? Where's Kei Igawa when you need a starter who limits the damage? For goodness sake, just keep the ball down.

A Schilling If You Please, Sir

The Yankees refused to give any money to charity last night. No home runs were hit, and three panda puppies died as a result.

Posada 1hr = $1
Granderson 2hr = $2
Cano 1hr = $1
Total = $4


lady gaganonymous said...

The Good: Nick Johnson clearly felt shamed by Joe West's comments and decided not to have any more 15-pitch at-bats and got a hit. So there's that.

Fred Trigger said...

At least they didnt lose to the Royals. Thats good, I guess.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

I called the blowout, just for the record, in the series preview's comments (I believe).

Rich Mahogany said...

Before today's 10-0 win, I was going to suggest that the team donate Teixeira's April at bats to charity. Rather than have Teixera bat, the team would have a child with a terminal disease bat in his place. The Yankees would still make an out, but at least they would bring happiness to a child. I thought this idea would go over well on this blog considering its support for children's health, but Teixeira's performance today ruined everything.

wv: fooking, which is a bad word in Ireland.