Saturday, April 24, 2010

Damn Rally Monkey!

The Good

Swisher had a home run and Teixeira almost killed a guy. That's about it. Oh, and Joba rewarded his manager's confidence by giving away the game. That's just great.

The Bad

Teixeira almost killed a guy. He has no stomach for this sort of thing.

The Ugly

The Angels had that scene from The Untouchables on after the game where Sean Connery is explaining the Chicago way. "He put's one of your guys in the hospital, you put one of his in the morgue!" This could get ugly.

A Swish Army Rocket

Posada 3hr = $3
Granderson 2hr = $2
Cano 4hr = $4
Swisher 2hr = $2
Jeter 3hr = $3
Johnson 1hr = $1
Rodriguez 2hr = $2
Teixeira 2hr = $2
Thames 1hr = $1
Total = $20


Rich Mahogany said...

Good thing the Angels don't play in Chicago. You never hear references to "Anaheim-style gangsters."

Last night was bad for the Yankees, but great for Elvis.

lady gaganonymous said...

After Torii Hunter like mauled Teixeira, I pretty much figured someone was gonna die. So ... that didn't happen. The good!